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agent scully's childhood fear of clowns
28 September 1986
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hi, i'm scooly
You may know me from Creative (as Scooly) and from DeviantArt (as skuuri). Tak, jestem ta Scooly od fanfików.

and i'm a nerd in many different ways
I'm a fat little white linguistical stormtrooper student of linguistics, about to do my MA in the area of cross-cultural semantics, and more precisely, emotion concepts.

I like to talk about cultures, languages, and to some extent also religion, because all three come together. Also, duh, XF. And I also liek teh lulz a lot.

My native language is Polish, and I currently speak, have studied, or am currently studying the following languages (in order of appearance): English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Ch'olan, Old English, Warlpiri, Tok Pisin, Old French, Basque, Portuguese, and Old Hebrew. Wishlist/projects include: the Polish Sign Language, Old Church Slavonic, Tagalog, Náhuatl, German, Arabic, and Greek. Not boastful; just matter-of-fact and really enthusiastic.

If your native language is one of the ones above (especially Latin, ahaha), feel free to talk to me in it, although right now I am probably the most fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese. (+ English of course, LOL.)

i also do fanart and icons and stuff
Let me show you them! They're at my creative journal welost9minutes.

and you still want to friend me?
If we know each other from somewhere and have interacted before, comment here to let me know and I'll probably add you back. If I don't do so right away, don't feel offended; I'll wait until we interact more and get to know each other better!

other things relevant to your interests perhaps
my XF collages + my brushes & textures

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